Twitter app stops working on iPhone 6. Find out why

The update takes place in the update on the iOS platform, and within the update on the iOS platform, which is provided by various items provided at the moment, update time in update, last update, update, last update, last update, last version, iOS update 14 or later to work on iPhones.

And this update means to iPhone 6 phones, you can get support for newer operating systems. Camouflaged in iOS 12, they are still able to see and show in its outline, the rest of the app is no longer working properly.

Log in to the service, where the service can be accessed, because the mail copy still works without problems, but this is not an ideal but rather an alternative to trying the full application.

He stated that 2% of iPhone users still had a version of the operating system older than iOS 14, which required the Twitter app, according to Apple.

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