You can now share YouTube videos directly on Snapchat.. Learn how

You no longer have to copy and paste yourself in any other way Youtube Across snap chat As of today, users can Android And the iOS Video clips Youtube straight through snapchat camera whether it is in Stories or Stabilizes Must have creative layers like text, according to a report engorged.

and curtains posters my viewers snap chat Directly to a video clip in an app Youtube or a web browser.

All you have to do is press “Share” in the app Youtube and choose snap chat When an option is available Explode, Explode This is the first time you can links Youtube visually.

And it wouldn’t be as tempting as sharing vertical videos from popular alternatives like tik tok And the InstagramAnd who, and who saves you some trouble if you find a video Youtube A must watch, and it should come in handy especially in short videos that look great snap chat.

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