All you need to know about the Russian NashStore, a competitor to Google Play

Russia is preparing to launch a local app store, which will compete with the popular Google Play Store.

Project Project “On May 9, Russia will launch the NashStore online store that will use online applications, and operate a Russian counterpart to the Google Play Store that will use applications on the Russian Federation,” said the statement. Emirates, for “Russia Today”.

Using Google Play to buy and pay for apps was the way we used to, the developers lost, and that’s a reality, really, and we found the NashStore.”

Zykov’s journey that “more than 700 companies have contributed to the development of the new online store from it on Russian Post and citizens of member states of the Eurasian economy, such as Armenia, Belarus, Kaz and Kyrgyzstan, and it will be camouflaged from Android applications and their installation, and its services can be paid electronic payment system (Mir) “.

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