Do you suspend its cooperation with the International Space Station?

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CSA, CSA, Environmental Space Agency, CSA, CSA.

“The United States continues to support intergovernmental space cooperation, especially those permitted activities in international space with Russia, Canada, and Europe,” reads the letter signed by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “New and existing U.S. trade measures continue to allow in the United States the continuation of special operations at the International Space Station.

The CSA appears to be referring to similar operations to conduct similar ones in the meantime, ESA Joseph Ashbat by saying that he will pass on Rogozin’s request to the agency’s member states for evaluation.

“The position of our partners is clear: we are back against sanctions,” says Rogozin, “Ergozin,” which will be reported to Russian government officials.

Southeast of the station, causing it to cause great damage to its pressure on space.

Last Thursday, NASA said Russia is moving toward “expanding its cooperation in international space through 2030, but these comments seem to make this look likely, earlier this week,” Russia’s Soyuz with two cosmonauts.

It brought us to the topic of debate in Europe and I dated you from the start.

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