Get the best-in-class photography experience with the HUAWEI nova 9 SE with a 108MP camera

Huawei Consumer Business Phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE The new one, which is the latest addition to the family of phones Huawei Nova 9 Good looking, good looking, good, the new phone, with a primary camera of 108 MP and fast charger technology with the ability to handle 66 watts EMUI 12 And with a stylish and modern design, which makes the phone offers advantages that are only found in members.

the phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE The 108MP Quad Camera System which includes a 108MP Camera, 8MP Angle Lens, 2MP Bokeh Lens, and 2MP Macro Lens. More precision, provide a perfect shot of the situation in high definition mode; Images without distortion even when zoomed in three times. The main camera has a large 1 / 1.52 inch sensor, excellent week duration and light sensitivity. Get the maximum temperatures.

Phone can be obtained HUAWEI nova 9 SE Enjoy exclusive offers by searching in real time HUAWEI Band 6 Free gift plus get up to 20% in case of extended warranty for a year or more with service Huawei careThrough the official website of Huawei and all Huawei branches Experience Store and its authorized distributors.


On the occasion, Jason Zoe, President of Huawei Egypt for Consumer Business, said: “With the launch of a phone HUAWEI nova 9 SEHuawei in Egypt offers an excellent imaging experience, focusing on phones Nova 9 The link between Huawei and the younger generation HUAWEI nova 9 SE. By providing financial advisory services from integrated updates, phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE An astonishing 108MP Quad Camera System Powered by Intelligence Please In addition to an impressive range of videos, more business offerings deliver engaging and inspiring videos.”

the phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE Also with a wide angle front camera (equivalent to 2.0 µm and aperture Aperture f / 2.2The male intelligence advantage of beautification – beauty AI To make you look in your shots. It can also automatically switch to wide-angle mode when flipping the phone aside from portrait mode, making selfies work easier.

with phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE-Keep charging time to a minimum, powered by Huawei’s high-speed technology – HUAWEI SuperChargeAfter watching 66W, watch only 15 minutes to charge the phone to 60 percent, or 36 minutes to fully charge it. Thanks to the Safe Express Shipping Certification TUV Rheinlandprovides a phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE Fast and secure charging experience.

Phone continues HUAWEI nova 9 SE Equally powerful cooling system – graphene heat dissipation system. This means the device is fully functional while staying cool to the touch – even when streaming videos.

contains phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE On a stunning 6.78 inch Huawei full screen display that supports color gamut p 3, resulting in stunning viewing with smooth visuals, vivid colors, and incredible detail. Phone is designed HUAWEI nova 9 SE Aesthetic looks in the vicinity, with its slim bezels, totaling just 1.05mm thick and an ultra-slim body of only 7.94mm thick. color available blue crystal The new one, made of 3D glass, moreover, provides a unit in Nova star circular orbit The rear camera is a star-like refraction that accentuates the device’s polished style.

Which we consume changes. With the masses recording videos, they HUAWEI nova 9 SE Full of innovative participation that makes it easy for people to participate in expressing themselves through video. Continuing, Show Local Party, Play, Present, Pick Up, Pick Up, Pick Up, Pick Up, Pick Up Dual view video recording feature – Dual view video And display live reactions to events, front and rear cameras at the same time without the need for editing.

makes phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE Simple video editing process Hybrid video feature – Hybrid video Image creation and video creation with one click. Moreover, with the application petal clipYou can easily choose from a wide range of video templates and themes before posting your video on social media at any time.

phone works HUAWEI nova 9 SE on the user interface EMUI 12Smart and watch experience. Shop available AppGallery Use and safe on your phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE It can be carried and carried on board from a high-quality mantle.

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