How to use shortcuts in Messenger

New Meta about new shortcuts…

Looking for new apps for an app in the messenger

How to send silent messages on Messenger

Silent Messages allows, as it suggests, to send messages without the notification sound, to send silent messages, follow these steps”

Open a Messenger chat window and type “/silent” before your message and send it.

– The recipient will receive the message without any notification sound.

How do you address the whole group?

It gives you the opportunity to text a text to a text that allows you to set up and tag a person in a group chat, now, you can have a text opportunity from the table.

Just type @each participant in the message, this will notify every participant in the group.

How to easily find and share GIFs on Messenger

It will allow easy access to an alternate version.

Just type in /gif and the topic you want to search the GIF for.

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