6 new features obtained by the WhatsApp application .. Get to know them

Communicate with their friends and family.

And it was already available, uses the trading platforms of Android and iOS,

– Possibility to pause and resume audio recording

This can be indicated by pause and resume while recording. It is possible to choose to choose a new pause in online mode. So now, re-record an audio message in the event of an outage. It will be the set of stamps, cruisers.

– Play voice messages outside the chat

The charge can be used during sleep during the received acoustic sleep.

-Design the audio in the form of emoji

Everyone will be able to see one WhatsApp from one WhatsApp visual representation

Listen to audio recordings before music

You can also keep the save in the previous versions, as well as at the beginning of their playback, and copy them at the beginning

Resume the voice message from where you left

One voicemail now. Pause my audio and resume listening from where they left. These will be useful for listening to longer audio messages.

Quick playback of voice messages

Provides a WhatsApp ready option for voice typing.

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