A study discovers two speeds of sound on the surface of Mars .. know the details

You get plenty of room to click on the surface of Mars, one just for the sake of having as much room for daytime as the hum of a helicopter’s rotor, and as many surface audio recordings as possible from their microphones.

It was depicted for the first time on the photo that was photographed and described for what the newspaper “Daily Mail” described.

The ground is also superimposed by

The international team also listened to the flights of a small ingenuity helicopter, which was flown to Mars on the belly of the Perseverance, and they heard the sounds of the laser probe rocks to be installed ashore.

for the first time per second (240 meters per second), compared to 1,115 feet per second (340 meters per second).

The atmosphere is expected to take down 95% more carbon dioxide compared to Earth’s 0.04%, which is about 100 times thinner,

Scientists are surprised when the length is greater per second, it is to be expected.

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