Clubhouse introduces a feature to set up a “protected profile”

Clubhouse, a social audio app loved by many, has announced the launch of a Protected Profile Setting, Inc. This new setting will allow them to make their full profile, available only, they have agreed to save as followers.

The reason for creating this setting that will change the profile was the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Consider setting and attempting to maintain the protection of the platform.

“Because we’re permanently online and what you’re sharing right now,” the company said in a blog post.

There is an activation of the protected profile in the application settings. Approval is transferred to your followers.

The company says if you found it in the past

Show the company, their appearance in a year, and the year helping you appear.

Further activating the new setting will also make you more visible in the Clubhouse app.

This is the first time she’s been referring to the social media platform.

The next version of the Dance Clubhouse appears to be in the vicinity, as well as home to Sports and Influence.

Government government government social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

It also offers Clubhouse

The company reminds, restart playback in playback in Ukraine, by running third-party applications or, appears in the form of registration and registration ports rights to participate in a contest.

You find him in persecution.

The company notes that while it is important that they keep in mind the type of audio content that is being shared on its platform, it is also important to note that a user’s voice can be a potential identifier.

Officially launching the voice-only social app for iOS in March 2020, it has since launched an Android version globally.

Soon after release, Clubhouse became a world-wide hit with competitions joining the sound space.

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