Find out how to access the Ramadan booth through Google

Google is seeking commercial services in the month of Ramadan, or search for prayer times, greeting cards, or a cooking tool in the preparation of Iftar, here are some of the following ways:

To make it easier to access useful information about Ramadan on Google search engine, you have to search for “Ramadan” and a dedicated section will appear that includes timings, news, greeting cards, and more.

If you want a simplified experience, my favorites require mp4.

Know the direction of the qiblah and prayer times wherever you are

Organizing the time is one of the most important habits in Ramadan, and that is knowing the prayer times and knowing the direction of the qiblah.

Knowing prayer times directly from Google The “Qibla direction” application can be used to determine the direction of the Qibla from your phone.

Qibla direction app is a web application using, 2017, and helps millions around the world to find the Qibla direction within seconds.

Describe our “Ramadan Shopping Guide” for inspiration

Right from the start, I started planning the month at 160%, at 50%.

Whether you want to get decorations or get help finding the best cooking equipment, it helps you explore the most popular products and browse from the options.

Unleashing the artistic skills within you “Ramadan Artworks”

This interactive Ramadan coloring book from Google Arts is back. It contains a wonderful collection of Islamic art that anyone can add their own touch or color in as a relaxing meditative activity.

Just choose your favorite colors from your favorite maps and color them according to your taste to get their look and share with friends and family.

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