Lightning strikes the Artemis 1 rocket launch pad during testing

A launch launch of a rocket carrier’s giant Artemis 1 moon rocket on its Iranian route hit decisively, as four lightning strikes hit the area around the launch pad 39Bwhich undergoes the first space launch system (SLS) women

Except for what the website says.outer spaceCheck the reference for printing Artemis 1 To the next moon, to the Earth away from the booster.

In a late update, NASA officials wrote that the first three strikes were low-impact events, but the fourth strike, which hit the “first tower” of the lightning protection system, was stronger.

Jeremy Parsons, Vice President of Inc Earth exploration systems The third episode of Death has taken place.

Group of friends in a large group of group. SLS And the Orion.

Russia turned it off, and having upgraded the lightning protection system of pad 39 b to include better protection against strikes and better electrical disconnection from the launchers, and that each of its turrets is surmounted by a fiber and catenary mast to deflect lightning away from the missile and its service structure.

The Fuel Agency will also provide an update to the fuel supply experts Artemis 1 At a press conference on Monday (April 4) at 11am ET (1500 GMT).

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