Pictures taken with front cameras distort your image.. the reason

People now take an average of 450 photos of themselves each year, but a new study may prevent many photos from the front camera, as researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical revealed that selfies distort the image of your face, normal.

Emergence of what the newspaper “Daily Mail” United Kingdom, United Kingdom, the quality, and treatment also in the name of the nose, one of the most, and standing of researchers, the implementation of rhinoplasty requests amid the popularity of selfies.

“There is a significant relationship between competition in selfies, requests for rhinoplasty, their mark, and age and forty years,” Bardia, the study’s lead author, said.

The team hired 30 volunteers to demonstrate how selfies affect the appearance of the image, and the image was shown using a front camera at distances of 12 and 18 inches, one taken using a digital camera and the three images were taken in the same session and under the same lighting conditions.

Compare the measurements of the facial outline contour measurements in the photographs, the illusion of the nose and the lip, the presentation data, the full royalty-free, and the evaluation data provided in the photographs.

The results showed that the pictures taken with the camera significantly showed the facial features of the participants, on average, the nose appeared 6.4% in 12-inch selfies, compared to the picture taken with the digital camera.

Also, a chin weave out of 12% in 12-inch selfies resulted in a 17% increase in the nose-to-chin length ratio.

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