what’s the meaning? Apple rolls out a new update to address security issues that run it

Apple starts iOS 15.4.1 update

Apart from this, the tech giant has also rolled out new updates for its other products, the updates include fixes and fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in the products, which is why the company wants you to update your Apple products now.

Release and issue warning for Apple iPad and Apple

The warning also reveals that these vulnerabilities exist in Apple products due to reading out of bounds memory, and writing out of bounds in the Intel Graphics Driver and Apple AVD component, and an attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities by persuading the victim to open a new prepared file or application.

We were able to create an interface

And try the update

Apple iOS versions prior to version 15.4.1.

Apple iPadOS versions prior to version 15.4.1.

Apple macOS Monterey versions prior to 12.3.1.

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