Did Meta try to discredit Tik Tok?

Press reports said that the company “Meta”, which owns Facebook, tarnished the reputation of a small “Tik Tok” from the community, spreading false information about it about the danger of the platform to America, and transmitted the Emirati statement.

According to a law published by the Washington Post on March 30, the company, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, hired advertising services to promote it without protecting TikTok’s reputation.

And South America became a journalist in the American press, and collected a misleading image.

Their names seem to have resulted in their efforts in providing their services. The agency also encouraged the media to report on the dangers the Chinese app poses to the personal data of American youth.

A compiler named Meta defended a business partner, Sage: “Verify that all platforms, including this check for compatibility with Sigha, should check for compatibility with Sigha.”

The investigation into the main reason for trying to discredit “Tik Tok”

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