Everything you need to know about the surface of Mars

Scientists seem to have found that the first acoustics on Mars reveal a calm planet with occasional winds.

Our microphone started recording, allowing scientists to shape it up on the Red Planet for the first time.

A study published in Nature on Friday was, please, give scientists their first analysis of five hours of sound.

The Master, Study, Director, and Principal Rapporteur of the SuperCam, which contains a battery box, which contains the microwave, which contains the microwave, the main reason, is known, the surface of Mars, and the former, and the former on the surface of Mars, and The main reason for moving TheNews.

Air trade in the roving used in its installation, which made a crackling sound.

It was his target, and we knew a very local sound source.

For the first time in the world, the Earth’s surface area is 340 meters per second.

Atmospheric image prints on 95% carbon dioxide – compared to 0.04% for Earth – which is 100 times thinner carbon dioxide, making the coolest 20 decibels sound.

For the so-called “, out of Fuji”, including, including only one speed. “

You can find there are two speeds of sound on the surface of Mars – one for high-pitched sounds like a laser, and one for frequencies like the hum of a helicopter’s rotor.

* * * * * * * >> Next Reality>, “Their grandparents were affected.”

“All these factors will make it difficult for two people to have a conversation at a distance of only five meters (16 feet),” the French institute CNRS said in a statement.

There are other reasons, which may evoke memories of two earlier attempts at mini-program 1999 and 2008 to record audio.

The study said that the complete image is from the source of the natural image, the wind, the original image of the cross, and the rattling.

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