Musk asks after acquiring the largest share in Twitter: Do you want the edit button?

After the Twitter polls, I ask, the biggest contributors, if she wants to make an edit.

Musk tweeted, “Want an edit button?” Most notable among the many responses to the survey was the CEO of Parag Agrawal. “The results of this poll will be the result, please vote for it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Musk disclosed his stake in TwitterShortly after he tweeted him questioning his commitment Twitter Freedom of expression and the question of whether a new platform is needed.

He wrote on Twitter: “Freedom of expression in democracy is working.“.

Musk is a prolific user on Twitter, has over 80 million followers since joining the site in 2009 and has used the platform to issue ads..

He recently criticized the social media platform and its policies, continued to communicate with them, and continued to express.

The platform was fixed working on a modified schedule.

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