US Department of Justice Seizes $34 Million in Cryptocurrency from Dark Web Vendor

The Department of Justice has reported one of the largest US cryptocurrencies in US history, and the Southern District of Florida has seized approximately $34 million in coins and tokens from a dark web seller, according to an engadged report.

And according to a recent release, this item is illegal across marketplaces on the dark web.

He said the bulk of the sales were about compromised account information from a number of major services including HBO, Netflix, Uber, and others.

This tool is used to use a means of using a reference to another in order to use that method.

And closing what you want from these typical procedures by chain-hopping chain-hopping is a form of money laundering, which shows that it represents

In the end, the proceeds from random sales, random, random and 640 Bitcoin SV, says the Department of Justice, the establishment of a joint working partnership by the Organization for Cooperation and Drugs (OCDETF)

When it hits $47 million at some point based on judgment documents), which is a big deal, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. long.

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