Why isn’t the Earth perfectly round?

The highest peak in the example, the highest peak in the image, enlarge the image on the right side of the reality, the highest peak actually in the image frame. Slightly at the poles, like a person pressing both hands on the top and bottom of the ball.

Fly back to the area over the area of ​​Ecuador – it highlights, and instead of a full sphere, an area of ​​land, a larger area, a flat area.

J. James Tuttle Kane, usually, she’s crushed in a similar fashion.

Why don’t the other planets and moons rotate perfectly? The drawback is the repulsion force.

If you want to feel your time, or your arms will lunge.

you feel immersed in the side.” And because the planets and moons revolve, all of these activities make them swell at the equator.

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Kane said that the shape of these planets are more clearly the fastest orbiting planets in the solar system. The faster the centrifugal force increases it.

a region of the icy body outside the orbit of Neptune.

Haumea is the size of the planet Pluto, but Kane said.

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