A company creates the world’s first wearable air-conditioned “collar”.

I created a hardware graph programMitura Pro Doing the work of continually cooling cold air to keep the wearer cool, the outdoor refrigeration, air conditioning and refrigeration systems operate, refrigeration and refrigeration. Mitura Pro Relies on a portable refrigerant solution to produce cool air 7 degrees Fahrenheit cooler ambient temperatures, in fan mode, and up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit cooler ambient temperatures, in cooling.

cooling device

This device is intended for and depends on this device with the expectation that it is indicated with any of the fireworks Mitura Pro by motor PWM Dual turbo and intercooler units consisting of 26 pieces of lightweight fins.

The motor is connected to a high-speed fan at the back of the machine, also running on the air dissipation.

This produces the entire surrounding air, resulting in the end of recovery. “

the device
the device

Cooling collar is turned on to wear Mitura Pro By, com, compass, com

The thing that produces noise from altitude.s

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