A secret trick with a faster charging command device.. Know it

your iPhone with a gesture.

It is designed to quickly select multiple items in the iPhone app.

For example to a voice memos application.

Tap with the photo with two fingers on the top, then swipe down.

It will select all the items very quickly.

Then go to your Apple Mail app, and try the same thing from your email inbox, The Sun’s go.

You will be able to quickly select a lot of emails at once.

The trick was revealed by the creator of TikToktheapplecollector, garnering hundreds of likes from fan iPhone owners.

Note that it does not work in all applications – for example, there is no support in Gmail.

Apple itself, you will have more luck.

For example it will work in iMessage and Notes – both official Apple apps.

Mastering the trick can save you a lot of time.

There is some known information you might be interested in.

First highlight some text you would like to initialize.

Combine three fingers.

This will copy the text.

Make the opposite gesture (by spreading the fingers of the thread outward) to paste what you copied.

The trick works on anything you want to copy, and it even works on photos.

If you go to Paste Pictures and finger it in those pictures,

It is an easy way to quickly transfer an image to WhatsApp or Messages.

For text you can also add an extra pinch, and it will turn your copy into a snip.

This means that the text will be simply deleted from the copy.

is the only exotic to transfer pictures.

Simply go to your Photos app and hold your finger on a photo.

Without editing, go to Messages and drop the image from the letter bar.

The photo you chose will appear in the Messages app.

You can even select ad images to keep once.

Many requests found elsewhere.

It doesn’t just work from the Photos app either.

Late last year it was revealed that you can also post iPhone photos from places – including Google Photos in the web.

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