China enters the world of computer graphics processor manufacturing

The Chinese company, Moore Thread, announced the development of new graphics processors for computers, to compete with new graphics processors for computers, to compete with those that start with those mentioned, and according to what the company mentioned only, it will come in two versions, the MTT S60 version, which will come with a power of 6 terabytes and contains 8 GB of memory LPGDDR4X randomization, and the second version will be 12 teraflops and 32 GB of ROM.

Supports RT, good, integrates with new processors, supports full video encoding, supports DirectX Runtime, OpenCL, OpenGL, Vulkan, CUDA, supports hardware encoding in H.264, H.265, AV1 and H. 264, H.265, AV1, VP8, and VP9.

She did not disclose many details of these processors, but it is known that they were developed according to 12 nanometer technology, and that the MTT S60 contains 2048 cores, while the MTS2000 contains twice that number of cores.

The processors are expected to accommodate the aircraft.

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