Valid for government accounts by tweeting pictures of prisoners

Twitter is again working on its rules to address its platform’s handling of the war in Ukraine, and said it allows state or government accounts to tweet pictures of prisoners of war in the context of the war in Ukraine, an engadged report said.

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Yoel, the site’s head of safety on Twitter, said that government accounts that share these images will be required to delete them, and Roth said: “As of today, we will ask government media or United Nations publishing accounts and other government media to share prisoners of war. in Ukraine “.

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While in some cases there was a “compelling public interest” for a government account to share photos, the new rules apply to both government and government accounts.

Twitter indicated that it will delete pictures of prisoners of war shared by anyone with “offensive intent, such as insults, calls for revenge or ridicule, enjoyment of the suffering of prisoners of war, or for any other behavior that violates the Twitter Rules.” In addition, Twitter is taking new steps to limit access to accounts The Russian government is on its platform.

Do you want to read this program read the accounts unless they follow them.” It remains unclear whether or how he plans to impose this policy in contexts other than the war in Ukraine.

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The attempts to access free information within its borders are uniquely written by the company and go against Twitter’s belief in healthy and open ways conversations.

We are committed to addressing conversations about global conflicts more equitably, and will continue to assess whether the application of this policy in other contexts, is outside the scope of interstate. The changes are the latest way the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced Twitter to adjust its content rules in an effort to crack down on Russian-backed disinformation.

The company has already taken steps to limit Russian media exposure and has suspended ads and recommendations in both Russia and Ukraine, and Russia, for its part, has blocked Twitter since March 4.

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