Russia is designing a space plasma engine…Details

Scientists wind up using the year 2024 in space, RT reports.

And as his flying and will achieve his production, wonderful products.

This came within the framework of the “Controlled Thermal Modeling Synthesis and Climate Directives” program.

In an accelerator, it was found that the value of the work in consuming the energy generated by the work is at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, a breadth in the work system in the hydrogen infrastructure, which is worth 300 kilowatts, with a coefficient of the engine of 55%.

It will house the head of the department in the initial position of the state, the maximum power value of each of which is 65 kilowatts.

It was designed, tested, tested and discovered.

The Russian “Kurchatov” Institute for Scientific Research continues, a 100-kilowatt engine engine, and this engine will be used to shoot waste and meteorites into space.

But with no wattage and total use, the current time is in the gas.

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