The Hubble Space Telescope finds a planet whose mass is several times that of Jupiter

NASA has announced that the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a planet with a mass several times that of Jupiter, as the newly formed planet, called AB Aurigae b, is a gas giant significantly in the beginning stage of formation, orbiting the star AB Aurigae.

A distant revenue ratio of about 8.6 billion miles, and a family size of 1.6 billion miles.

Mostly in the gaseous, all the ocean gases in the large ocean in large volumes in all the circular gases generally accepted to form planets.

Use a 2007 Hubble study, as well as an expert study in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Principal field researcher Thayne Currie of the Research Telescope

And, for example, from experts in Beida in the form of a definitive estimate of the diameter of AB.

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