“Zack Bucks” .. Meta plans to launch a virtual event for Facebook and Instagram users

Mark Zuckerberg is developing virtual currencies, which employees are calling “zouk bucksIf you use Facebook and Instagram, unless that ad is in the future.

Denote the graph of the known, the graph of the assets, and the metal models of the creators.

While social, when I make it revenue, its social sales-revenue increased 37% to $118 billion in 2021, with advertisers reporting $4.9 billion, per month, active, driving, ad business ad e-commerce apps.

The products being studied include “social tokens” or “reputation tokens”, which can be used as rewards by users, and they are also looking for “creator coins”, which can be used by influencers. Instagram.

It was the first time you looked Facebook To move into the world of virtual finance. In 2009, corresponding Facebook Credits To facilitate in-app purchases in the then-popular games was one of his success, hailed four years later after the international growth of Facebook to costly foreign remittances.

As you wish dead also entry into non-replaceable (NFTs), with peace plans to integrate it into Instagram and Facebook.

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