5,000 new types of viruses found hidden in the oceans

Twenty-five research papers are said to have been found around the world, resulting in research looking for.

On this scientific discovery, an international team of researchers analyzed 35,000 water samples from around the world to identify new viruses that contain genetic material. RNA

The Independent Report

He explained that a “small study” of thousands of types of viruses that humans, plants and animals have avoided has been studied.

Report the results, which were published Thursday in the journal to knowor rating level – or rating level – next name.

Protruding beads of different types are protruding in new disease states..

It includes Taraverikotta And the Pomefricote Paracinoferricotta andAnd the amofericottaAnd the Arcticfricotta

The most abundant group of newly identified species belonging to the phylum . has been noted Taraverikotta And the .

A study of the impact of climate change on the world’s ocean on board a sailboat. .

The study’s lead author, Matthew Sullivan, said: Matthew Sullivan The Ohio State group said in a statement: “There’s a lot of new diversity hereā€”and division, and it’s complete Taraverikotta indicating that it is a trademark in a trademark, a trademark description of a trademark

: “Revealing more information about viruses across plants in the world’s oceans could help to better understand the role of marine microbes in climate change.”

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