For this reason, Google bans dozens of applications from the Google Play Store

Dozens of applications have been banned from the Google Play store after obtaining their guarantee. Vulnerabilities Image of a report published by the “Wall Street Journal” to the discovery of software planted in applications specialized in Muslim prayer, downloaded on more than 10 million devices, found during an audit of Android applications Before researchers moved the Al Arabiya Net site.

He explained that the company “Measurement Systems”, and inside it reach a relationship with it, linking it to various occasions through electronic restaurants in Virginia.

The paper notes that Measurement Systems has paid developers around the world “special code” in their apps.

Google spokesperson Scott Westover said that apps containing the Megament Systems software “code” have been removed from the Google Play Store since March 25.

Its schematics from the International Computer Science Institute at the University of California, and Joel Reardon from the University of Calgary, argue that this “code” makes it an industrial site.

According to what it offers from a group of companies that provide a large number such as “Measurement Systems”, which can not be covered or even well understood, it is tempting to add them to application developers adding more detailed data on a mail base.

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