Google removes these applications from the App Store .. It steals your banking data

A recent report that Google announced the removal of counterfeit antivirus applications from the Play Store, and according to a recent report by expert experts from Check Point Research, at least six applications were used to combat cybersecurity in Google Play malware applications, and applications in the report she:

Atom Clean Booster, Antivirus

Antivirus, super clean

Alpha Antivirus, Cleanser

Powerful Cleaner, Antivirus

Security Center – Antivirus

This report explains its interpretation of the facts of this report.

What is a Sharkbot

Sharkbot is a banking malware that steals your personal information such as credentials and banking information. The programs map out the geolocations and evasion techniques that make them stand out in the field.

US Department of Defense Announces API Fire Obstacles

According to reports, the software does not target geolocation. Cybersecurity also reports that Sharkbot also uses evasion techniques.

The apps discovered by Check Point Research were downloaded and installed about 15,000 times, and the apps came from three developer accounts, Zbynek Adamcik, Adelmio Pagnotto and Bingo Like Inc.

How to stay safe from such apps

Google Play Protect keeps Android devices safe from apps and utilities to a great extent. It performs a security check on apps from the Google Play Store before downloading them.

It also warns you that known apps have been detected from your device. Some sites that got a running value, bug healing and fixes,

And to stay protected, Checkpoint searches for installing apps only from trusted and approved publishers. You’ve found an app for the ultimate human bonfire and report to Google any suspicious-looking apps you come across.

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