How do you do it? .. How to mute yourself or anyone else in the Clubhouse

Warned from the sky, as well as in the Pacific Ocean, as well as mute you in your chat room in your chat room. Steps to do both using the iPhone or Android app, according to the “business insider” website.

How to mute your voice in Clubhouse

There is no voice, only one, your voice, your voice, your voice in one room, a small microphone icon appears in English The microphone is on.

You can turn off or deactivate the sound as well.

How to mute someone else in the club

If you are a admin in a club room, you will have a green star next to your name, and please travel in Speak, this includes choosing who becomes

You can find another sound in the club, your symbol, your symbol, and its back in your symbol.

Temporarily resize it, export it to the public or expel them.

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