Astronomers discover the farthest galaxy on .. How many light years from Earth

Astronomers have discovered the launch of the most distant galaxy found 13.5 billion light-years from Earth, and it was named HD1where scientists predicted what exactly it is, and what it might look like and her home predicted, the first is that HD1 Stars like these may look amazing, and may even be home to the stars of the universe known as asterisms Thirdabsolutely watched.

A story for what was reported by the British British newspaper “Daily Mail” HD1 A supermassive black hole may have about 100 million masses.

As it was discovered HD1 After more than 1,200 hours of observation time with the Subaru Telescope, the Vesta Telescope, the UK Infrared Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

It’s Yuichi Harikan, the astronomer at the University of Tokyo who discovered it, said he: HD1 Among the more than 700,000 objects, “adding” match the red color of HD1 Chambered by an astonishingly 13.5 billion light-years away, it gave me goosebumps when I found it.”

Bakuchi, the principal scientist for the study of astronomical royal notifications (Astronomical Royalty).MNRAS), the discovery paper co-investigator, and the European Physics Affiliate Physics Affiliate Space Science Affiliate Space Subject Investigator co-investigator… “Answering questions on a topic very far”.

Yakuchi described it as guessing a nationality for a beautiful flag, while far from shore, and a ship in the midst of a thick, stormy mist, one might perhaps see the colors and shapes of the flag, but not in its entirety, at the end a long game of analysis and exclusion of implausible scenarios.

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