By breaking these rules, you may get your account banned on WhatsApp

Violation of the strict rules in WhatsApp, which exposes the owner to ban his account on WhatsApp.



Did you know that he has found so many people who suffer from this disease, it may inconvenience from the psychics adamah.

If there can be another connection, you can find it again.

Therefore, it will attract attention.

Do you want to know the number of the number.

If this is detected by cracking your number.

Third Party Applications

Wants The WhatsApp Only use the official app.

If you use a third party like Whatsapp plus or GB WhatsApp And a hotel risks being banned.

Bulk Messaging or Mechanism

Messages and bulk are usually some kind of warning sign that someone is scam.

So you do it innocently who wouldn’t do it.

That’s because The WhatsApp uses technique AI Plus reports from the organization that sends automated spam.

not using The WhatsApp enough

Account is disabled The WhatsApp or delete it if you are not using it.

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