How to do it.. How to block websites in Safari on a Mac

There are options to limit the sites your computer can go to, Maclucky, luckyinterested in trade“:

How to block websites on Safari

You can block websites Device usage time on computers MacHere’s how:

1. Click on the icon, located in the top corner, switch screen, and from System Preferences.

2. Choose Device usage time.

3. Above the surrounding area.

4. Click on the button in the right corner of the adjacent area.

5. Choose Adult Site Restrictionthen tap adjust or adapt.

6. In the Restricted section, tap the plus icon.

7. Add the title URL required and press OK.

How to block everything specific locator to the list:

1. Go to Device usage time Through System Preferences Mac.

2. The common area in the vicinity.

3. Click Customize 30+

4. Add electronic publications with it, OK.

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