8 new features that display the message on the master’s thesis of the United Nations company in the master’s thesis Pridmo message to Windows 11 .. Get to know it

In the case of Windows 11, as the company adds a host of new security and productivity features to the latest generation of boot, and the company calls them “Important Updates” boot, boot, here are the main highlights to try:

– “Pirate alert”

They appear in Windows 11, they appear in the Startup group if they shutdown, start, start, and their interface is at Microsoft.

Intelligent app control

Use this icon in conjunction with the AI ​​blessing keyword, Run apps only, and use apps in Windows 11.

-Official copy feature ‘system-wide’

Windows 11 has Live Caption feature.

-Send commands through voice access

You can access audio in Windows 11.

File Explorer to establish on the “power” of the cloud

Updates File Explorer with cloud capabilities, allowing data and files/files to be easily found/accessed in their computers in one central place

Get a lot done in File Explorer Tabs

Microsoft also introduces tabs in File Explorer, appearing will be able to pin files and create a tab in File Explorer.

Video meeting news

Voice clarity, audio focus, background blur, eye contact, and auto-framing features will be added to Windows 11

Integration between Windows 11 and Windows 365

Windows 11 and Windows 365 based on the cloud, the integration aims to achieve seamless movement between Cloud PC and Local PC, and aims to work offline and reconnect with the connected system without any data loss.

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