Google blocks the Russian channel on YouTube

Google blocked the Russian Duma TV channel on YouTube, and said it had “terminated” the channel that broadcasts meetings of the Russian House of Representatives, for violating the platform’s terms of service, engadged report.

A Google spokesperson said to the outlet: “If the street of his visit is from the street of your biography or your biography, change, change, change or change.”

And Fatima exports This response has angered the country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, as he was the office of the Prime Minister and the Head of the Foreign Government

“The company adheres to a clear anti-Russian stance in the information war the West is waging against our country,” the agency said, citing the Russian government’s response to YouTube, apparently the latest Western internet service to face restrictions within the country.

Shortly after the war began on October 24, Russia took to Twitter in March, and subsequently cut off Facebook and Instagram – but not WhatsApp for popularity.

It later found Meta-owned services guilty of “extremist” activity after it said it would temporarily allow invites in spirits in some other cases.

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