How can AirPods be used for the Russian defense forces?

A recent report that it was revealed that Apple AirPods were used to know the location of Russian forces in Ukraine, showing that the Russian armed forces in Russia are shown in a photo showing that this force appears in a photo showing that the people of Ukraine in the country “place their devices in its territory, Belarus, where they withdrew part of the Russian army.

And it took place in the records of looting in Ukraine after the Russian invasion, and in the records of AirPods that were recorded in the fall, and in the former, in case of case, it turns out to be the Homiel region of Belarus where it appears that Russian troops have withdrawn from the Ukrainian capital.

On the other hand, Apple is expected to release second AirPods Pro later this year

And now, he points out, it’s switching to a new version of the earbuds that have the lossless audio codec (ALAC), and apart from that, AirPods Pro 2 is also on sale.

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