How to copy texts because it is difficult to obtain them .. Read the details

It can be written text in the form of a portion of the written text.

Here are some pointers that the following website is easy to move:

Live Text on iPhone:

Recently it introduced Live Text feature in iOS 15 in which camera transcription is easily available.

Then, the next page moved to the next page from the next page.

You can open an image and click the text to select it, or click the Live Text button to copy all the text.

Click the field, click Live Text, and point the camera at the text you want to capture.

google lens

Google Lens Ads While the iPhone’s Live Text feature is good, the functionality is similar to Google Lens

Here’s how to use it: Open the Google app on your phone and tap the camera button.

Take a picture of the text you want to capture, and then you can select what you want to copy.

After that press the copy button to get the text and add it to your clipboard.

Create the text, you can also click the Copy to computer button, you can use the text on your system.

Notably, for this to work, sign in to the same Google account is the same Google account on your computer and phone.

The website is the easiest to use extension like Blackbox AI.

It is available as a Chrome extension and is easy to use.

Click install extension, visit any webpage you want to copy text from, example Blackbox AI icon.

Select the area around the text – like taking a screenshot – copy it to the clipboard.

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