The appointment of Elon Musk to the Twitter board of directors may limit his influence .. Know the reasons

The arrival of Elon Musk on the board of directors raised hopes and fears about the future of the platform, but his appointment limited his power – for the time being. TheNextWeb.

He agreed to limit his share in Twitter by 14.9% during his term on the Board of Directors and for a period of 90 days thereafter. Its term is due to expire in 2024.

The founder-entrepreneur’s 9.2% stake makes him the platform’s largest shareholder. If he wanted to push it over 14.9%, he would have to give up his seat.

Which, in turn, makes it permissible for you to be allowed to make the purchase..

While the pole will have great influence, then, the old building, the old building.

Musk’s appointment was revealed days after he questioned Twitter’s protection of free speech. And she imagined her difficulty.

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