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The meteoric rise of “Tik Tok” has puzzled Meta (formerly Facebook) as the Chinese short video is set to surpass the global advertising share of micro-blogging platform and photo-sharing platform Snapchat this year.

You get that, TikTok is expected to catch up with Google-owned YouTube by generating $23.6 billion in ad advertising by 2024, The Guardian reports.

“Past, it has outpaced global advertising taken by Snapchat,” the report said Saturday, and TikTok is likely to triple its global revenue of $11.6 billion this year — more than $10.44 billion for Snapchat and Twitter combined.

A TikTok user spent an average of 19.6 hours per month on the app last year, per data user.

The company’s accounts were valued at 118 billion dollars last year, the accounts of the company he manages

While he was browsing through some windows while he was trying on each other, and it was sometimes, while he was using it sometimes, and that was the end of the year.

Meanwhile, TikTok emerged as the best non-gaming app in the first quarter of 2022, generating $821 million in spends in the quarter.

On Google Play, it is second only to Google, second only to Google, the graph is about 250 million dollars, and a recent survey of teenagers claimed that “Tik Tok” and Snapchat are the most popular social platforms among teens in third place. Only 3% of teens said they like Facebook.

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