Elon Musk raises controversy over the situation on Twitter

Tesla, the head of “Tesla” company, Elon Musk, acquired a share of Twitter, in his provocative way, the social network was not on the verge of “death” due to many accounts with millions of followers, but they are not active, which conveyed the Emirati statement.

And that in a comment on an attached picture showing a picture of the account of the ten most followed on the network.

Former President Barack Obama tops the list with 131 million followers, followed by entertainment stars such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, and Elon Musk in eighth place with 81 million followers.

Musk later tweeted, “Justin Bieber did not once this year.”

Almost daily, Musk continues to publish on Twitter about his companies, personal thoughts and humorous avatars.

And after becoming a shareholder in the giant group Monday, the eccentric billionaire explained in a document that he addressed to the Stock Exchange and shared him in the network “negative”,

But he was invited to join the company’s board by its general manager Parag Agrawal, who saw him as a “passionate and fierce critic of the network, which is exactly what we need”.

Since then, Elon Musk has not stopped provoking, and he has published, and, especially, posted reviews of his opinion, Twitter users, whether she is taking this journey in that the network adds, edits, to correct any tweet after its publication.

And participated in the vote 4.4 million accounts, nearly 73% of which answered “yes”, and the platform later established this feature that many users have been asking for years ago.

It is scheduled to meet the founder of “Tesla” and “Space X” of Twitter employees in questions and answers, the newspaper “Post Post” page that many employees expressed concern about Musk joining Twitter, considering, because the values ​​​​of this richest man in the world do not allow professional culture In the social network, the Tesla factory in Fremont in Silicon, faces accusations of racial discrimination by the state of California.

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