How is helping Africans tackle the climate?

The case studies illustrating the case studies in Africa of the land of trade in Africa, the influence of the motive of trade and peasants;

Vodak supports Vodafone Environment Safari and the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

This study is the third in a six-part series published under the Africa Campaign.

The technology was used in the cultivation fund. Societies take back about 250 million smallholder farmers, yet of that sub-Saharan Africa holds a quarter of the world’s arable land, McKinsey points out, only 10% of the world’s agricultural length has been regenerated.

Takalani Nchitenze, Director of External Affairs at Vodacom South Africa, said: “Sustainability in increasing agriculture is imperative.

And technology plays in that, any changing and confirming evidence for this development in the markets in which Vodacom operates on the continent, where there is no penetration rate of smart phones, with the percentage of small users not exceeding the “impact of climate change.” In extreme weather conditions such as increased severity and frequency of droughts, intense heat, erratic precipitation rates, severe storms, and floods.

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Ludacom this end, still the projects you see in Paris climate change. It has been equipped with underserved areas, and to this end, the government sector and civil society to continue. Side by side in working in the areas of linking disadvantaged areas with the services provided so that no one is left behind. The stage of success crystallized and a reasonable opportunity was cut to millions of Africans to date.

“Where Vodacom operates on the continent, it shows how modern mobile-based technology is opening opportunities, even to farmers who have been using them with essential features, no matter where they are,” said Ntchenzek. And it requires all kinds of services and spaces suitable for all departments and the market, and within the places where the smart phone penetration rate, the growth rates, the solutions of all the areas you want, you find it from all over the world. For example, URL- and USSD-based platforms starting with Access to Financial Services and Agricultural Opportunities can easily connect small-scale agricultural value majors.

The M-Kulima platform, in small Tanzania, connects SMS and Short Message Service (SMS), Supplementary Service Data, Message Data, Subscription Data (USSD), and Voice Response (IVR). Presentation of the platform

Microfinance and trading platform. In addition, the DigiFarm integrated platform in Kenya – the integrated platform DigiFarm in Kenya – provides the complete platform.

Vodacom in South Africa partnered with the United Nations and Women, UAE, South Africa to develop and launch the Women Farmers Program with the aim of making women’s work in agriculture easy and profitable by teaching them to use apps for auditing and potential returns and enabling massive economic growth. The project has so far started more than 2,000 women and has become the database of the Emirati Women’s Authority. This program resulted in testimonials from incumbents on how they changed their approach to trading and switching to technology after accepting the technology.

What is the promotion of this information through this means, which provides economic opportunities for farmers in the use of technology. The Covid-19 virus horses and a report towards a connected climate opens the door to urgent dialogue about the challenges facing the sector. You have prepared to sustain your opportunity to sustain your opportunity to pursue certain goals in an atmosphere of equality with certain attitudes in the local communities on the continent.

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