New technology to regenerate skin cells may reverse aging

Researchers at re-research into re-registration, reprogramming, previous reprogramming, without the need for cells. , where scientists were able to restore the functions that were lost in the old cells.

An advertisement for what the “RT” website mentioned, and the preliminary research results, where the emergence of a revolution in regenerative medicine could occur, especially if its recurrence in other body types and other tissues.

Aged cells in the cells that live in the new network, back cells fibroblasts that connect cells to each other and maintain their strength.

The number of fibroblasts in the human skin decreases with age.

The new research was also conducted at the Pabraham Institute, a life sciences research institute at Camp, and is registered in the journal eLife.

We have demonstrated that cells regenerate without losing function and that regeneration seeks to restore some function to old cells,” said Dr.

Impressions: “The fact that we have also seen the emergence of CASA for markers of aging in genes, a treatment is particularly promising for the future of this work.”

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