Scientists solve the mystery of the mysterious difference in the faces of the near and far moon

On the other hand, you can see this viewpoint on his far face.

(It is a large, dark plain) on the near side of the Moon, the width of the seas are dark-colored remnants of ancient lava transport flows at the RT site.

While it seems that the far side of the other side is full of blind. The reason for this huge difference between the moon, far and near, has been one of the most enigmatic mysteries on the moon, since a spacecraft orbited the moon in the 1960s.

Help us explain it in the southern part of the pole.

A new study is in a study published in the Journal of Evolution that Spreads Across the Moon’s Interior.

Wholesale information

There are many types of heat.

The question is how this heat from the inside of the dynamics of the moon? And the emergence of reasonable conditions in the Antarctic.

The inputs you posted and within the mantle route that resulted in other thrusts, the future will reveal differences in geochemical composition as well.

The near side is home to a compositional anomaly known as KREEP storms, or PKT for short, which stands for the concentration of potassium (K) and phosphorous (P), along with thermophilic elements such as thorium.

KREEP is concentrated in and around the “Oceanus Procellarum” (Oceanus Procellarum), the largest of the volcanic plains on display, but is rare elsewhere on the Moon.

The search for the point of view of the relationship between research in the search for long-term research messages, this research appears in the search system in the global system.

Typical diagrams were performed in the lunar mantle.

It represents the last part of the mantle that freezes after the formation of the moon. As such, their military names are likely from outer forms of the mantle, just below the lunar crust.

The shape of the inner shape of the inner shape of the moon. The new model shows that the uniform distribution will be disrupted by the heat column from the Aitken Basin effect.

The model for the model, the heat wave emitted from the Aitken Basin states like a surfer. The incidence of the column under the crust of the moon, the natural moon, representation, representation, representation, representation, representation, representation, design, design, design, design, design.

While it corresponds to the anomaly of the Aitken pelvis. He says Older is doing well.

Dr Jones explained: “How the Aitken Basin formed is the most important open topic on the Moon, the influence of the South Pole – the most important events in the history of the Moon, and this brings the two together, and I think our findings are very exciting.”

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