Meta intends to start testing verification tools within “Metaverse”.

Meta, a key part of its plan, announced Metaverse, according to an Emirati Al Bayan report.

And through the company’s platform, which relies on providing an experience in which you feel commercially present, the image shows the head.

A brand can produce, that they produce, that they produce, that they produce, that they produce, for a fee to the niche digital spaces they build.

The social media giant is also testing two programs for a small group of Horizon World users in the United States to offer through periods to participants monthly in exchange for the use of new company-launched pounds.

Only a lot of great ideas were needed, and for that to happen, a lot of self-supporting and copying creators were needed and that was their job.

The company is investing heavily in virtual and augmented reality as part of its new bet on Metaverse, a futuristic idea of ​​a network of eco-friendly, accessible worlds across different devices, where work, social and play can be done.

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