Roscosmos unveils some of the airline’s group of companies

The Russian “Roskosmos” Corporation has published some technical details of Middle East Airlines’ multi-use aircraft, according to RT’s report.

e. e. e. with the payloads you will carry into deep space.”

The publication explained, that this image shows, the expiry of the service period, in space, and it will be sent to outer space.

The “Ross Cosmos” Foundation announced that it had announced in 2020 that it had signed contracts with the Russian design bureau “Arsenal” with the aim of developing a space locomotive to be used to transport payloads into deep space, and the value of the contracts was then estimated at 4.17 billion rubles.

In the first part of 2003.

More recently, they slashed from executive icons to a group of tourism projects on tours to cosmonauts on “Cosmos” Alexander Plushenko.

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