The planet Neptune is colder than we evolved .. Know how hot it is?

A new study has made a recent study that the ice giant may be even colder than it originally occurred, as researchers from NASA conducted an analysis of infrared thermal images of the stratosphere in America unexpectedly.

The sun’s temperature is 373 degrees Fahrenheit (-207 degrees Celsius),

Dr Michael Roman, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leicester and lead author of the study, said: ‘This change was unexpected, because we were watching during the southern summer, expecting temperatures to be warmer, not cooler.

He studied infrared images from mirrors, including the European Southern One’s Very Large Telescope and the Gemini Southern Telescope in Chile, the Subaru telescope, the Gemini telescope, all in Wiway, as well as the Spitzeria telescope.

First-class temperatures in 2003 and 2018

They take a long time to print, and take place events that require more than 40 Earth years each.

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