6 hidden tricks in the WhatsApp application that many do not know

The WhatsApp application contains user pages around the world and real users around the world.

And think about this work, and his death imposed that your use of WhatsApp is used to protect the pocket site.

1- Turn off videos and photos in your phone’s photo gallery to get more space

Then turn off this option, then turn off the WhatsApp app, then start playing profiles, then turn on data all three options, photos, audio and video.

2- Use the temporary messages feature after they are automatically deleted after some time.

This setting is easy to activate and can be done by touching the contact in the chat, then select the Messages option and use the temporary messages switch.

3- View message details Ever wondered at what time a message was delivered or read? Drag to the message you sent these stats on your iPhone, Android users can tap on a message, then tap the menu button followed by the info.

4 – Pin conversations to appear first, a message appears if it appears, if it appears, if it appears, if a message appears in the past.

This option can be enabled in Android

pin. 5- Send your location to a site WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to contacts, as well as you can also create a site on the live site, which allows a contact period of your choice up to two years from tracking you.

iPhones: Chat then chat selected on the “+” to the left of the message box, then live location, then select the time frame.

Select the live site, you can see the live site, then enter the live site.

6- Search in a specific specific chat If you want to search in a specific chat instead of all chats, this is also possible, this search in a specific topic, or they send you the other contact number.

iPhones: Go to Chats, then a specific chat, tap Contact info at the top, then Chat, and type in the search bar that appears above that chat.

Android phones: Chats, then a specific chat, then open the menu at the top right, then type in the search bar that appears above that chat.

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