Apple is preparing to launch a game console

It plans to launch its own gaming console, if we consider the patents filed by the tech giant, and according to a report by Apple clearly, the Cupertino-based giant has been given an article with invention readings about different consoles before United States Patent and Trade Information Office (USPTO)

Of course you may have carried it with models, but in portrait or landscape mode.

the controller can be divided into two parts that can then be connected to any iPhone or iPad for gaming sessions, as for the second type of controller, it will be for the iPhone only, its design is foldable, with an interior inside.

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The third and final type of game controller described in the invention has a joystick-like design for playing mode on the device, answering a call, or replying to messages and e-mail, and downloading gameplay. This type of controller will most likely work in all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a Bluetooth connection.

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