Everything you need to know about how to tune an iPhone before selling it

When you buy an iPhone, furniture, you will fill it with data, pictures, and update its size

And the burden is also on commercial companies or stores that want to resell commercial phones, so what is the above solution to get rid of all the data and quickly? The data is included in previous data that was used in apps, accounts, and photos.

And for this easy process, create, Apple, Reset Reset Restart iOS 15, Phone.

Example, example, reset via the following steps: go to settings, then choose “general”, to feature: (transfer or reset iPhone), reboot give you the setting service for the new phone, then you have the options that suit your need, such as reset or delete All previous content and settings.

It will require you to change the data, and it will appear, service data, backup, backup, backup, backup, backup, backup, backups, and the device will restart times before entering the new. ,

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