Global PC shipments fell 5.1% in the first quarter of 2022

A new report that global shipments of traditional PCs this quarter.

Ryan Reith, group vice president of global vehicle tracking company IDC, said in a statement: “It should not be too focused on focusing on this service becoming a mess, accompanied by many geopolitical and pandemic challenges.

The volume of the first quarter represents the seventh in a row as global shipments exceeded 80 million, an unprecedented achievement since 2012, and it remained among the top sellers unchanged in the first quarter compared to the fourth quarter of 2021.

Lenovo remained the top company with a share of 22.7 percent, followed by HP, Dell Technologies and Apple, and Dell, Apple and ASUS were the only top-tier vendors to see year-over-year shipment growth, said Jay Chou, director of IDC sales. PC Monitor Quarterly: “Even as market segments slow due to bulk demand, we are still writing some silver in a market that has reached an inflection point toward a slower pace of growth.” Keep track of.

Zhou’s time: “Apart from business spending on computers, there are still emerging markets where demand was neglected in the pre-epidemic periods, and high consumer demand also surged.”

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