Scientists discover the far side of far back space

The near side appears from the other side, the other side, the other side, the other side, the near side full, the other side of the other side, in turn showing the back party.

Potentially the reason for the big difference between but in the example but in the example but in the example you can find in the study led by Brown University with a researcher at Purdue University, the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Arizona, Stanford University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

According to the “Daily Mail” website, the British newspaper, made a column through the heat.

It has been shown on the near-Earth scale.

“We know a lot like the one that mapped Antarctica will be created by heat,” said Matt Jones, a PhD candidate at Brown University, the study’s lead document.

The question is how does this heat the internal dynamics of the moon? And the picture appeared in a reasonable picture in reasonable conditions in the picture, it looked like in the picture skewed outward.

Some images of the near-moon phase were first found in the 1960s, American Apollo plans, and while some models in volcanic sediments are clear, it is hoped that the future will also reveal differences in geochemical composition as well.

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